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Location Baska

Baska is the best known tourist resort on the island of Krk

Situated in a wonderful bay, surrounded by vineyards, olive-groves, with the picturesque background shaped by the mountain Velebit and the islet of Prvić, Baška is the most visited bathing resort on the island of Krk, with every reason. Its unique 1800 metres-long pebble beach attracts guests irresistibly and is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast. From Jurandvor, a locality in the immediate hinterland of Baška, originates one of the oldest Croatian written documents, the Baška Stone Tablet (Baščanska ploča), an engraved Glagolitic monument from the 12th century that is kept in the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Art, and its copy can be seen in the Jurandvor church of St. Lucija.

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